Testimonial Coaching

Verl Taylor

“I so appreciate the way Verl has come alongside me over the years. Whether it was navigating interpersonal conflict, personal and spiritual growth, or team building, Verl has often been a reliable source of wisdom in my life. Verl is a good listener and has the ability to draw upon his own personal journey and formal training to offer timely advice and guidance.

C. Frye

Verl has helped me out with some very hard problems in my life and helped me to understand more clearly about Gods word and how it applies in my life. Our one on one time was amazing. He explained everything co clearly so I could understand, and I could ask him any question and I knew he wouldn’t judge me for it and I knew it wouldn’t go any further then the two of us. It was so uplifting and comfortable that I could be so open with him. Both Verl and Daisy are so important in me and my daughter’s life. They have a way of explaining the Word and other areas that makes sense and lifts your soul. Thank you for coming into our lives.

Ken H

“Sometimes we just have to live with mystery.” When Verl told me that, I knew what he said was true, but I didn’t like it. I wanted answers to the relationship dilemmas I faced today! Accepting God’s terms isn’t easy, but Verl reminded me – both by his wise counsel and his actions – that we ultimately choose. Either we accept the mystery and persevere in trusting God’s promises, or we cave to the pressure of needing to be in control…to having all of the answers now. Verl’s coaching consistently pointed me to God’s Word for reliable guidance while modeling his own consistent trust in God’s faithfulness.

C. A.

I cannot say enough about Verl and Daisy Taylor. They both have poured so much into our family and into each of our children individually. They are incredibly generous with a heart for God.  They are very professional and do a wonderful job helping others to live their best life by example, Godly counsel and loving truth and accountability. Our family has been through some deep valleys over the years and even in the beginning of our acquaintance with the Taylors, they were readily available to help steer and support our family in whatever way possible.  The Taylor’s are a living example of the hands and feet of God.

Kelly and Roger

I want to write a statement of fact. No single human being has taught me more about the Bible (the very Word of God) than our pastor Verl Taylor. He took two years of his life and met with me individually to pour the Word into me.  Chapter by Chapter we went through the New Testament explaining it in a way that made the Word understandable.   Not many pastors would do that.  He is truly a man of God who knows and loves his sheep.  May God bless Verl Taylor for all of Eternity.

Dr. G. Augustin