Christian Life Coaching and Fees

Coaching differs from therapy
A Christian Life Coach will encourage, direct, train and correct from a distinctively Christian life perspective. Coaching starts with a full assessment of the client’s needs, but coaching goals will be focused much more on the present and the future. If the coach finds that the client needs therapy before a coaching relationship can be established, the coach will refer the client to a therapist.
In comparison, therapy/counseling, helps a client explore the past, present and future (focusing a lot more on the past), and therapy goals are set as a result of the intake session and a full assessment of the client’s needs.
The first session will give you the opportunity to ask your coach any questions you may have regarding coaching.

Christian Life Coaching sessions are generally about 55 minutes long. Depending on the nature of the issues brought to the session, we usually schedule one session per week. This may vary according to the needs of each client. Until we have completed the intake session and have completed a full assessment of your needs, it is hard to predict how many sessions are needed for current issues. Usually after two or three sessions, your Coach is in a better place to discuss with you an approximate length of treatment.

Income Sliding Scale:
*Our standard rate for Christian Life Coaching is $90/session. We strongly believe that coaching should not cause a financial hardship for an individual or a family so we offer a sliding scale as suggested below:
$110,000 – or higher: $90/session
$100,000 – $109,999: $80/session
$90,000 – $99,999: $70/session
$80,000 – 89,999: $60/session
less than $79,999: $50/session

Payments are due in full at the time of service and can be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card.
All sessions are private pay. Insurance does not cover coaching.